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, but we don't know the facts because the government of syria keeps reporters away from its brutal crackdown. tonight we have a rare look inside. since spring, thousands of syrians have been demanding the end of the 40-year dictatorship of the assad family. the u.n. estimates that since the uprising began, syrian forces have killed 4,000 civilians and just today the opposition claimed 60 deaths in the city of homs. tonight, cbs news correspondent clarissa ward-- who traveled through syria without government supervision-- shows us what bashar al-assad doesn't want the world to see. >> reporter: for months, this is what we've seen of the revolution if syria: cell phone video of demonstrations met with bullets from security forces. to meet the people holding those cell phones we entered the country as tourists carrying only a small camera. razan zaytouni is an opposition activist. she insists on using her real name. the regime already knows who she is. she is in hiding to avoid arrest. are you scared? >> who is not? but we have to continue. we decided to start our revolution. this is
. a day after the latest deadline for damascus to sign the deal expired, a spokesman for syria's foreign ministry said syria expressed readiness to allow in observers. the man who used to leave the ivory coast -- lead the ivory coast, laurent gbagbo, has appeared in front of the criminal court at the hague. he is charged with responsibility for blood sport -- for bloodshed following elections in the spring. he is the first military leader, to be tried since the inception in 2002. foreign support is crucial to stability of afghanistan. the conference concluded with promises of tough anti- corruption moves by the afghans and pledges of sustained a buy the rest of the world. in the u.s., it may be 11 months until election day, but the political drama is in full swing. this weekend, republican nominee herman cain suspended his campaign, and now it is reality tv host donald trump who is grabbing headlines. today, newt gingrich became the latest candidate to visit trump in new york, seeking his support. it is the announcement trump is scheduled to moderate a debate that has some up in arms. a
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evening news with scott pelley. and a rare look from inside syria as victims of the regime's brutal crack down speak out to the news. we hope to >> pelley: tonight, what the dictator doesn't want you to s see. clarissa ward gives us a rare first-hand look at the revolution aimed at syria's bashar al assad. the protesters have a message for him. >> leave now. you've got enough of our blood. >> pelley: the postmaster general delivers a bundle of bad news. nancy cordes reports it includes slower mail and thousands of jobs lost. a woman is raped and then forced to marry her attacker. mandy clark on a case raising calls for justice. and byron pitts with the story of the u.s. versus haiti. opponents on the soccer field with an astounding bond of brotherhood. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. their voices are not heard; their funerals are not seen. a revolution is under way to end one of the world's
at syria's bashar al assad. the protesters have a message for him. >> leave now. you've got enough of our blood. >> pelley: the postmaster general delivers a bundle of bad news. nancy cordes reports it includes slower mail and thousands of jobs lost. a woman is raped and then forced to marry her attacker. mandy clark on a case raising calls for justice. and byron pitts with the story of the u.s.
to sign the deal expired. is spokesman for the foreign ministry said syria had expressed its readiness to sign an agreement to allow and observers. the man who used to lead ivory coast has appeared before the international criminal courts. he is charged with crimes against humanity. he is the first former head of state to be tried there since the courts inception in 2002. the afghan president karzei has sent international support is crucial to the country's stability. he was speaking at a conference on afghanistan's future. the conference concluded with promises of tough anti- corruption moves by the afghans. here in the u.s., it may be 11 months until election day, but the political drama is already in full swing. this weekend, herman cain suspended his campaign after a string of allegations and marched. now it is a real-estate mogul donald trump who was guarding the headlines. newt gingrich became the latest candidate to visit trump in new york, seeking his support. he is scheduled to moderate a debate later this month that has some up in arms. charging it makes a mockery of the proc
. talk to you again soon. >>> syria faces new sanctions from the arab league, deadline is passed for syria to allow observers to monitor the response to protests. on sunday alone 22 more demonstrators were killed. le leona is live with more. good morning. >> reporter: we're just waiting to hear from the arab league how they'll progress with their demands. if sanctions go through they're stringent, the types of things they include is a freeze on government assets. a travel ban, ban on weapons shipments, cutting off business with the syrian central bank and government, a very wide range of sanctions and it's in conjunction with similar conjunctions from turkey as well as u.s. and other sanctions in place. we're waiting to hear how they will progress and if they give them any more leeway. >> will these sanctions have any impact, do we know? >> reporter: that's the question that everyone wants 0 know. we are getting some rumblings from the syrian government. over the past weeks we heard from the oil minister who has been speaking saying that they've had to cut back on oil production
a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> syria bans reporters from crossing the borders, but cbs news talked to the victims of the regime's brutal crackdown. that's tonight on the cbs evening news. >>> first apple juice, and now rice. could arsenic in a side dish pose a health risk? >>> police brutality or justifiable force? see the dash cam video. >>> gone too soon. a band member dies in a hazing , >>> this is wjz tv, wjz hd, and from the city to the counties to your neighborhood. now it's complete neighborhood. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> it is 4:30. 55degrees, mostly cloudy. hello, thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. >>> calls for action surround the funeral of a florida a&m drum major. the fallout from the possible hazing death. >> reporter: at robert champion's funeral. drum majors led the procession. it was in honor of their classmate, a 26-year-old drum major who was found unconscious on a band bus after an apparent hazing incident november 19th. >> is he breathing? >> i have no idea. i cannot tell you that. he just threw up. >> reporter: champio
of bloody crack jouns against protesters, syria now says it will let observers into the country to monitor what is going on but only if the arab league agrees to drop sanctions against syria. the u.n. says more than 4,000 people have died in sirrian protests this year. >>> once again, southern california is bracing for powerful, dangerous santa ana winds. we're talking gusts hitting 60 miles an hour in the mountains. that's happening today. 50 miles an hour in los angeles, ventura counties. what has it been like to deal with santa ana over the past week? >> cold, number one. scary and going to bed real early at night because there's nothing else to do. >> i didn't think it was going to be out for as many days. i got a generator. we have a lot of food we don't want to lose. >> the high wind warning is in effect through tomorrow. >>> check it out n. is the scene here in washington where police on a cherry picker forcibly removed occupy protesters as folks around them chanted, let him go. the demonstrators were on top of this wooden structure you see built to hold the meetings and to keep the
in new york. the company is expected to sell syria to the public next year. many of us go online for no particular reason at all. more than half of young adults: egypt dusty past time or have fun. the percentages are smaller for older age groups. those are your "tech bytes"." >>> the u.s. postal service a to announce major exchanges today in an effort to avoid bankruptcy. it's pushing ahead with plans to reduce costs. plans include closing half of the mail processing centers across the country and loring deliver standards for first- class mail. changes will take effect next spring. >>> still feels nice during the daytime. >> 10 degrees above average student. but the-- above average. a series of cold front will hit. >> it is december. >> outside dallas they are getting light snowfall. yes. looking like christmas already down there just outside dallas tx. even in northwest texas they're getting snowfall. for us, rain in the forecast to nightstand and tomorrow. there's a dense fog advisory in calvert and st. mary's county and is to ensure and northern neck of virginia until 9:00 a.m
. >>> under an expired deadline and the threat of more sanctions, syria agreed to let arab league observers into monitor the unrest with conditions. the regional organization must drop sanction immediately and it also wants suspension from the regional group rescinded. the arab league says it'll consider syria's proposal before making final decision. >>> word today that workers from fukushima daiichi found a leak of radio active water. tepco says there is a slightly elevated level of active material in the area. it said they are trying to figure out how much tainted water may have reached the ocean. sandbags stopped the leak. a powerful earthquake and tsunami damaged the plant in march. wolf? >> thanks very much for that, lisa. >>> newt gingrich is out with his first paid television commercial. it is trying to be inspirational. but does it succeed? >>> also, nancy pelosi is hinting she knows secrets about newt gingrich. we will talk about all of this in our strategy session. donna brazile and mary matalin are standing by live. of your baby acting adorable. baby. on it. matt, ignore me and k
time in the near future is a change in syria. iran has really only two allies left, syria and hezbollah. when assad steps aside which he most under doubtedly will do, iran will lose one of its last proxies in the world. and it will further focus the attention of the international community on what has to occur here and create some differing political circumstances that i think will help us to further isolate iran and make it pay a price for its illicit activities. >> thank you. >> senator casey, thank you. let me just say, i think we in the congress have a difference of opinion about a particular st step. but i want to assure my friend and colleague that on the issue of urgency i can attest that i can't think of any issue that is concentrating the minds of the administration right now more than this or at any other time. yesterday i was at the white house in a meeting about this technique topic. i know that the secretary of state and state department are as focused on it as can be. i don't think anybody has tphan illusions about the time frame or urgency. there may be differences about
by some dark ones. a discredited regime is still violently clinging to power in syria. though the pressure against it is increasing dramatically each day. i want to condemn in the strongest possible termsthe assad regime's murder and torture of children that the un reported this week in geneva. conduct has deservedly brought scorn and pressure and punishing sanctions, not just by the united states and europe, but now by the arab league and turkey as well. continuedn,iran's drive to develop nuclear capabilities including troubling enrichment activities and past work on what the position that has now been documented by the iaea and its continued support to groups like hezbollah, hamas, and other terrorist organizations make clear that the regime in tehran remains a very grave threat for all of us. all this of people, all of this of people -- of people -- upheavel is causing new challenges for israel in the region very in this time of understandable anxiety, i would like to underscore one thing -- that has stayed constant over the past three years of this administration -- the determination o
% of the vote, where the islamist party is strong in libya and if president assad in syria goes they will do well, too. this reflects a broader trend in the region where you find conservative religious values taking hold. people are nervous about what comes next, and they look at their faith, their culture for guidance and it reflects the kin of general tendency among particularly egyptians themselves. >> our correspondent was talking about the salafist party and they came in second with 25% of the vote. this is an ultra conservative party which opposes interest bearing loans and xhol and there's a prohibition of christian or womb in leadership rolls. do you see a potential coalition between this extreme party producing what i think would appear to be a highly tradition al islam ic government? >> this is a concern. what may happen elsewhere is there's a split among the muslim islamist. the muslim brotherhood didn't intend to form a political coalition with ultra conservatives. they fall on different places and have different visions about what the future of egypt will look like. so the big q
back in 2010. >>> also new this morning, syria facing sanctions from the arab league after it failed to meet a deadline. monitoring the government's response to protests. on sunday, at least 22 more demonstrators were killed. the number of deaths now reaching at least 4,000 since the government crackdown began in mid-march. syria's government says it will survive sanctions. >>> tense of thousands of people without power if last week's wind storms in southern california. forecasters warn another blast of high winds could be a problem this morning. that's raising big concerns in fire-prone areas like malibu and western los angeles county. 300 firefighters are in position this morning just in case. >>> also in position this morning, rob marciano in the extreme weather center. good morning, rob. >> good morning, guys. it's going to be two days of fire danger and high winds across parts of southern california. they had a break yesterday, but it was a long weekend of cleaning up. hopefully a lot of that debris has been moved off of areas that could be dangerous. winds, 30 -- 40 to 60 miles
at the violence we see in syria and iran's efforts to bring other middle eastern governments unsway. when you look at its support for terrorism and its support for nuclear weapons. a deteriorating environment for israel is bad news for our other allies. what happens in egypt can affect other arab states in the middle east as well. the consequences for america, for israel, for our arab friend in the region could be quite dramatic. this is not overstating it. this could happen very soon right up to and including next year. megyn: ambassador john bolton, thank you, sir. she was paid $900,000 to leave her taxpayer-funded job in the several school system. she was the superintendent. then she applied for unemployment. did she get what was rightfully hers or did she scam the taxpayers. nearly three weeks since michelle parker vanished. today her father talks about the chief suspect in the case. >> michelle is a survivor just like me. she is a tough girl. she ain't going down without a fight. michelle, i'm looking for you. ♪ i wish my patients could see what i see. ♪ that over time, having high choles
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)